The feeling of colour

Starting a blog is much like when you buy a new notebook, you’re greeted with that first blank page, what to write or draw? A little poem? or a simple sketch? or even just your name? Either way you’ll get it wrong and want to start again.

So Instead of  having that dreaded feeling I thought I’d start with something simple, something everyone can relate to, colour… or color even if your American or live life in the land of HMTL.

Isn’t it weird how it can change your mood, or your perception even?

Take for example a simple rose, I’m guessing a pink or red one comes to mind first as these are what we see most often be it in florists or on beauty packaging or fragrances. Already they are giving off a loving and delicate vibe as well as a slight bit of sass thanks to the flamenco dancers.



So what about the white, yellow and even black roses? White I’m feeling a wedding vibe, there’s a feeling of innocence and grace with a white rose.

Yellow to me is a happy rose a friendly one, that you could have a laugh with. Whereas black forms a darkness on the delicate texture of a rose, giving off a grieving feel along with an untold sadness.


So all in all colour can change how we feel, especially if we’re wearing it, so why not add some colour into your beauty regime? Try that bright green face mask, the fluorescent pink eyeshaddow, or even go bold with a red lip?

How did it make you feel?

For me it was fear

So there’s that new product out that you want to try but can’t quite bring yourself to actually buy it. You then speak to your friends and family who are feeling the same and encourage you to split with your money and take that plunge.

What was holding you back? The packaging? The Marketing? or even the price?

For me it was Fear.
I’ve been wanting to start this blog for what four years now, constantly ignoring myself out of fear of what people would think or how it would make me look.

Four years later and it took finding a little note left to my Mum from my Great Nan to give me that one last push of encouragement to finally do it.

“When all seems black,
and you’ve lost the track, 
in a world you don’t understand,
God bless the friend who is there to lend,
a willing and helping hand”