For me it was fear

So there’s that new product out that you want to try but can’t quite bring yourself to actually buy it. You then speak to your friends and family who are feeling the same and encourage you to split with your money and take that plunge.

What was holding you back? The packaging? The Marketing? or even the price?

For me it was Fear.
I’ve been wanting to start this blog for what four years now, constantly ignoring myself out of fear of what people would think or how it would make me look.

Four years later and it took finding a little note left to my Mum from my Great Nan to give me that one last push of encouragement to finally do it.

“When all seems black,
and you’ve lost the track, 
in a world you don’t understand,
God bless the friend who is there to lend,
a willing and helping hand”






3 thoughts on “For me it was fear

  1. I really love this post and I can totally relate. We actually started our blogs the same month. For years I put off starting one which I now really regret when I look back.

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