The Little Ledge

It’s the little things in life that make a difference right, a simple smile, someone spelling your name right or even bagging a bargain!




For me it’s the same thing with my room, having recently decorated my tiny room it was finally time for the exciting part – the little extra’s!



Don’t get me wrong I loved picking out my gorgeous textured wallpaper (that my sister now uses as a selfie backdrop) along with its matching paint, and building a beautiful spacious wardrobe (with some much-needed help from my boyfriend of course), but now is really the good bit.


The main part that has brought the room together is something so little, the brilliant little IKEA ledges. Call them a mini shelf if you like but they are simply perfect, I believe they come in both black and white along with two different sizes, 55mm and 115mm so perfect for somewhere to stylishly put up all your little bits and pieces.




The reason I love these so much is not only are they less invasive on the room as they are only 12mm wide, but the flexibility you have with what you can display, I can change how they look every month if I wanted to! A perfect little platform for your photo frames, prints, candles, plants, mirrors or any form of little pretty nic nac’s that you have to make your room your’s. (yes, that is a cork you can see)




I’m loving my layout of frames and nic nac’s at the moment, but before you ask, yes I’m working on getting some pictures taken to go in them!


For me it was fear

So there’s that new product out that you want to try but can’t quite bring yourself to actually buy it. You then speak to your friends and family who are feeling the same and encourage you to split with your money and take that plunge.

What was holding you back? The packaging? The Marketing? or even the price?

For me it was Fear.
I’ve been wanting to start this blog for what four years now, constantly ignoring myself out of fear of what people would think or how it would make me look.

Four years later and it took finding a little note left to my Mum from my Great Nan to give me that one last push of encouragement to finally do it.

“When all seems black,
and you’ve lost the track, 
in a world you don’t understand,
God bless the friend who is there to lend,
a willing and helping hand”